Whittier, CA~ Ice block falls from jet, lands on car

Huge ice block falls from the sky onto Whittier woman’s Escort

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Whittier, CA – Chicken Little she’s not. But when a huge chunk of ice deplaned from a passing jumbo jet on Sunday, it deposited itself right on the hood of Grace Caiazza’s 1999 Ford Escort in the 8300 block of Vicki Drive.

Now she faces an estimated $2,000 in damages and is looking for the responsible airline.

Caiazza, 71, was home at 5 p.m. that afternoon when she and her daughter, Anna Caiazza, 39, heard what sounded like a car crash in front of their house.

The mother and daughter rushed out to discover large pieces of shattered ice strewn across the front lawn and on top of the Ford Escort.

Grace Caiazza called a car detailing in Louisville KY company for some repair work after she discovered a massive dent on the hood of her vehicle with numerous spider cracks in the windshield…..continued

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