US Airways Cross-Dressing Frequent Flyer Speaks Out

From a questionable travel attire story back in August of last year

The above pic is from an August, 2010 story on CNN with a lead in story right here on this site DFW First Class passenger wearing thigh highs, halter top, and short shorts. Is ‘he’ showing too much skin?”

Anyway, back to the current news. The cross-dressing frequent flyer is speaking out for the right to wear clothing he feels “make(s) business travel more fun”.

“I try to respect other people’s opinions. As long as my dress is not indecent from a legal perspective, and so long as the airline does not object, I have the right to wear what I wear. And others have the right to wear what they want to wear” as told to SF Chronicle Staff Writer Justin Berton.

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US Airways cross-dresser says he does it for fun

PHOENIX — A man who flies US Airways in women’s skimpy clothing, including little more than undergarments at times,


said Wednesday that he does so to make business travel more fun, and complies with employees’ requests to cover up – though they rarely ask.


The 65-year-old Phoenix man, who spoke to The Chronicle on the condition that his name not be published, said he was unaware that a photo taken of him wearing ladies’ blue underwear and black stockings at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on June 9 had thrust him into a debate about racial profiling, travelers’ security and appropriate airline attire…..continued

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