Update: Flight Attendant Blames Gun Arrest on Bag Mix Up

WishTV8 Update Report

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Delta Flight Attendant Amber Robillard, arrested last week for concealed handgun

Indianapolis – Police have released more details in the arrest of a flight attendant who was carrying a handgun in her bag last week.

Amber Robillard, 39, is charged with carrying a handgun without a license and entering a controlled area of an airport with a weapon.

Case records show Robillard told investigators her home in Atlanta had recently been burglarized and she had placed the gun in a bag and had left it in her car at the Atlanta airport.

Robillard said she accidently picked up the bag with the gun, flew to Indianapolis, stayed overnight in the Circle City and was flying back to Atlanta when TSA inspectors detected the 9mm glock, a holster and 10 rounds in the bag as she went through X-ray security.

The police report says when the gun was discovered, Robillard said, “Oh my, I hope that’s not what I think it is.”

Robillard is back in Atlanta. She is facing misdemeanor charges in the case.