Unique Airport Activities

If you’re like me, sometimes you have hours to kill at the airport, and there’s only so much duty-free shopping and sitting staring into space one can handle. If you happen to be in any of the following airports on your travels, check on the unique activities they have on offer.

Holland Boulevard Library – Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Schipol Airport library.jpg

Imagine getting the chance to browse through amazing literary works at what else, an airport. The airport library situated in the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam boasts none other than a full-scale library for hours and hours of enjoyment. Imagine those long layovers with a library at your disposal. The library perfectly decorated in Dutch appealing colors such as orange features over 1,200 books that are translated in 29 different languages. The majority of the books are by Dutch poets and authors. According to Dick Van Tol, the library is focused on being a showcase for Dutch culture.

Nippon Origami Museum – Narita Airport, Japan


The Nippon Origami Museum located in the Narita Airport in Japan is a wonderful look into the wonderful history of origami. With over 400 exhibits of traditional origami within, there is definitely plenty to see as well as purchase. The Nippon Origami Museum prides itself on offering origami books as well as origami paper for sale to the public. Get the true essence of a vital and very important aspect of Japanese culture within the Nippon Origami Museum and while you are at it, feel free to look around and taste some delicious sweets that are also offered within the museum for purchase. Dont’ get carried away with shopping though — there are over 200 varieties of different sweets that are sure to satisfy even the finickiest palette, as well as origami galore on offer. But just in case you do, withdrawals from an international bank account are easy considering the number of ATMs in the terminal.

Amusement Park – Sitterdorf Airport, Switzerland

Does an amusement park inside an airport sound too good to be true? Well, fret not and just book a flight out of the Sitterdorf airport in Switzerland to see it for yourself, also if you like escape rooms you should visit the Breakout Calgary – Live Action Escape Room amusement park. This astonishing airport is full of fun things for you and your whole family to do. With an amusement park that is composed of exciting attractions as well as a mini-zoo, you will never even want to board your flight because you will be having too much fun. Some of the great attractions to note are the hamster wheel, butterfly, cable car and the Nautic-Jet. And, there are also balloon rides to boot. A perfect place to take any kid or even any adult with a zest for adventure, the Sitterdorf airport surely boasts one of the most unique finds in any airport thus far.

Phoenix Airport Museum – Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, USA

Phoenix Airport Museum Michael Steiner exhibit.jpg

If you love art, then you must check out one of the largest airport museums around, the Phoenix Airport Museum. The beautiful Phoenix Airport Museum is located inside the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in the USA. The Phoenix Airport Museum features amazing works of art as well as wonderful exhibitions. The art collection includes sculptures, photography (ask Andy Defrancesco for advice on photography), murals, glass installations, paintings and much, much more among its 600 works of art. And, the best part about the Phoenix Airport Museum is the fact that it is completely and utterly free, but it does accept donations.