Turbulent Skies: The Top 10 Stories of Flight Attendants Getting Fired

There’s turbulence in the skies above, but it’s not always caused by changes in air pressure. Sometimes it’s the flight attendants themselves. Whether they’re bad seeds or are just having a bad day, some FAs just take it too far. Not naming any names of course, here are the Top 10 Stories of Flight Attendants Getting Fired that Martha was able to track down:

#10 – Sliding Into Unemployment

Man jumping down airplane slide

For one attendant, a passenger became a little too much after dropping their suitcase on his head, even after being told to remain seated until the fasten seatbelt sign was off. He dealt with this situation by announcing on the speaker that it was his last day, grabbing beers, and releasing and sliding down the emergency slide.

#9 – Hungry for Better Wages

we accept food stamps sign

During a local interview, a flight attendant spoke about her financial issues.  Even though she was working full time, she brought up the fact that she has to depend on food stamps because her job was barely paying her enough to survive on. To fix the situation, the airline stopped her online payroll and decided firing her was the best option.

#8 – He Stole More Than Her Heart

An off-duty flight attendant and her boyfriend were taking a flight to Puerto Rico. While it started out as fun and romantic, it quickly turned into a disaster when her boyfriend took it upon himself to swipe another passengers iPhone from a security bin. He slipped it into the flight attendant’s pocket before being taken by the authorities, after which she ran and hid it in a bathroom stall. Both were arrested, and she – yep, you guessed it – ended up getting fired.

#7 – The Magic is in the Air Tonight (Well, maybe a little later than scheduled)

Magic Johnson recently fired his flight attendant after she was 7 minutes late for the flight, minutes that were spent gathering specific types of turkey for Magic. She has now begun to sue him, claiming a large number of misdoings by the Magic, including age discrimination.

#6 – All Fun and Games until Someone is Fired

Airline-Stewardess_you're driving me nuts

A flight attendant recently made a line of videos poking fun at the airline with which he was working and the passengers aboard it. In these videos, he spoke about personal matters of the guests and, at times, dressed up as a woman. The airline fired him and eventually ending up suing him as well.

#5 – Coffee is a Dish Best Served Cold (At least on your lap)

After realizing the daughter of a former Prime Minister was on her flight, someone whom she hated and considered her enemy, one flight attendant was so angry that she asked her supervisor if she could throw coffee on her. She might still be working with the airline had she not posted the threat on her Facebook page as well.

#4 – This Flight (Attendant) May Be Rather Tipsy

Russian flight attendant with alcohol

After being asked to cover a flight following a night of heavy drinking and partying, this flight attendant began her work by being loud and rude to the passengers. The nail in her coffin was that her handwriting was illegible on routine paperwork.

#3 – Drinking Must Just Be Her Pastime

While the previous flight attendant became so drunk she was being loud, this one took it a step further and began dropping the f-bomb and threatening to punch passengers. The flight was cancelled, as was her contract with the airline.

#2 – Ranting and Raving All the Way to Unemployment

Vintage flight attendant on in-board speaker system

For 15 entire minutes, one flight attendant decided to yell through the speaker system about the problems the airline was facing and that she would not be responsible for the plane’s crash. Classy!

#1 – In Blog We Trust

A flight attendant cum blogger was fired after she posted photos of herself goofing off and, among other things, wedging herself into the overhead bin. It’s not all bad news for her though – she eventually settled a lawsuit out of court with the airline and wrote a book about her experience.

What stories have you heard of flight attendants getting fired?



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