Travel Tips and Forgettable Travel Items You Should Never Forget

It’s here, the holiday travel season. At Travel Blog can simplify the planning part of a holiday. Think (and plan) before you fly! Martha’s top 10 travel tips.

In a hurry to pack or just a lousy packer? You’ll regret forgetting items from this list. Replacements are costly, not to mention the unnecessary aggravation.

Do I have everything? (Google Photo)

    1. Pre-program all ‘trip related’ phone numbers into your mobile phone before heading for the airport. Should your trip fall apart seconds count, you’ll be in a rush to contact the airline, hotel, ground transportation, or friends & family.For the list of the best beach hotels & resorts then Check this page.Still don’t worry Scottish tours will always there for keeping your interest and excitement alive.
    2. Hide a copy of your passport or drivers license somewhere safe. I keep mine sealed in a plastic bag with my toiletries. I may lose a wallet, but my toiletries? Never. And before going on your trip, you must also take note of other necessities such as a visa requirement in order to save yourself the trouble when the time comes.
    3. A blank check hidden away somewhere separate from your copied drivers license and passport. Should you lose your wallet, cash, and/or debit/credit cards, most hotels will cash a small personal check. Plus, if you’ve already checked in the hotel will have your credit card on file.
    4. While you’re hiding things, pin an extra car key inside your carry-on bag. You’ll still be able to drive home if you somehow lose your set of keys on the trip.
    5. I have a separate credit card with only a $500 maximum limit for travel incidentals and expenses. I pay it off every month and losing this one wouldn’t be the hassle I’d have if my primary higher limit cards were lost.
    6. Phone charger cord. This one is easy to leave behind at your hotel. Use the bathroom outlet for charging. When I do the last-minute scan of the room before check-out, the cord in the bathroom sticks out like a sore thumb. If you’ve lost yours while traveling, ask at the front desk. They usually have a box of chargers left behind by other guests. Find one that fits. You may have to lie a little saying you left yours behind last time you stayed there. They’ll know you’re fibbing, but they most likely won’t care. With long layovers, delays and traffic when traveling, it is great to always have an app on your phone to keep you busy, as well as benefit you. We definitely recommend signing up for The Cash Kings, so you can always have something to do when traveling as well as make some extra cash. With your extra money we also recommend buying a portable charger for your phone, just in case.
    7. Laptop power cord.  This is a biggie! Replacements are hard to find while traveling, and really expensive. Travel related articles gives you best tips related to traveling and packaging.
    8. Extra Ziploc plastic bags. Trust me, you’ll find uses for these and they take up zero space.
    9. Small packs of instant coffee. Some airline coffee sucks! Ask for hot water instead and brew your own at your seat. Packets of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew will start your day off right. I use it in the hotel in-room coffee maker too.
    10. Power snacks are a must. Pack small bags of trail mix, granola bars, or dried fruit inside your carry-on. An apple and banana travel well too. Wrapping the banana in aluminum foil keeps it from bruising. If making connections you may not have time to wait in line at airport food vendors, and you never know when you’re going to get your next meal. I always leave the house with a boiled egg or two in my bag, protein rich and satisfying. No big loss if I don’t eat the egg, it’s tossed at my destination.

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Please add your own travel tips below. Now sit back relax, and experience your next flight relaxed and confident.