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Martha lives a high-profile, high-expense lifestyle, and all this hobnobbing is cutting into her makeup money. She’s also seen Mad Men, so she knows just how this travel advertising business works – you scratch her website, she’ll scratch yours. Open your mind to new ways of discovering yourself with a new you! Get image consulting from a personal stylist from element into focus image consulting!

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If you are aiming for budget travelers, backpackers, gap-year students, campers, or those living in the sticks, regrettably, Martha is probably not for you. (“Flashpackers” and “glampers” however are most welcome.) attracts a discerning jetsetter readership that’s excited in:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Airline and airport gossip
  • Trip planning and vacation getaways
  • Travel gear and travel must-haves
  • Social media (heavy on the social bit)
  • Things to do with their scads of money

Martha is open to the following travel advertising content…

Travel Advertising

Sponsored Reviews

Martha has a very big mouth, which she likes to use at every opportunity. If your product or service can meet her high expectations, then a glowing review is waiting in the wings.

Banner or Display Ads

Martha is one creative force. Banner ads, display ads, or ad buttons (Martha loves buttons) can be whipped up lickety-split to suit you or your client’s needs.

Press Trips

Need Martha to attend your ribbon-cutting ceremony? Depends on the quality of the ribbon darling. Drop Martha a line to see what her scissors are up to that week.

Other forms of Travel Advertising

Travel Advertising -- Cigar Airplane and Cigar flight attendant

None of the above?  Contact Martha to get the skinny on the best travel advertising solution for you.

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