Top Antigua Dive Sites

Antigua is full of splendid dive sites and the underwater world is a highlight of this beautiful island. When you look at Antigua holidays you should think about seeing the reefs and marine life here. Here are some of the best places to go diving off Antigua.

Barracuda Reef

Brain coral Antigua diving

Just off English Harbour the Barracuda Reef is the place to spot nurse sharks, and many other fish who hang out beside a 50-120 ft. wall. You can also see Black Dungeon, barracuda and giant lobsters here and the scenery will amaze you. Where rocks fall there are sponges and all manner of marine life here. The Pillars of Hercules are another site close to English Harbour and where the variety and volume of fish is among the best in Antigua.

Cades Reef

Antigua swimming

Chances are that you will spend time at Cades Reef on the south coast of the island if you go indeed do decide to go diving during your holidays in Antigua. This is ideal for beginners and is also a great place to snorkel. Cades is part of an underwater park and there several places to go within the bigger reef. You’ll see whale sharks and nurse sharks if you are lucky as well as many other colourful fish. Sometimes there are night dives in this area which are perfect for spotting turtles. There is also the Ariadne Shoal to dive which is renowned for the vast numbers of larger fish.

Cape Shirley

Cape Shirley is popular with serious divers as the depths can go down to 110 feet. You’ll find spectacular coral and sponge covered boulders, overhangs, and drop offs. There are rays, tiger groupers, turtles, and much more here. Another site, the Sunken Rock, is renowned for its displays of gorgonians.


Underwater Antigua

Antigua is littered with shipwrecks and several are now very popular dive sites. The Andes Wreck sank in 1905 off Deep Bay and is a 3 masted merchant ship. She now lies in 10 metres of water and is one of the most popular places to dive in Antigua. There are many more wrecks off the coast and still many to be discovered.

Antigua is an excellent place to dive with many beautiful underwater sites. You can also learn to dive here in the warm waters of the Caribbean and take up a whole new hobby. One thing is for sure; once you have dived you will keep wanting to get to know the underwater world.

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