Thousands stranded after jet gets stuck in mud

Thousands stranded at airport

KUALA LUMPUR: Thousands were left stranded at the Kuching International Airport when flights were delayed after an aircraft skidded off the runway while landing in heavy rain on Monday night.

Four of the 124 passengers onboard AirAsia flight AK5218 from the low-cost carrier terminal in Sepang were slightly injured during the 10pm incident and were taken to Sarawak General Hospital for treatment. WHen you want to buy electric chairs for the disabled passengers or patients, get your chairs at electric wheelchair rochester mn.

Another AirAsia aircraft which was supposed to land shortly after flight AK5218 was diverted to Singapore.

The AirAsia aircraft that skidded when landing at the Kuching airport during heavy rain on Monday night. — NST picture

Continuous rain hampered efforts by airport authorities to clear the Airbus A320, causing the airport to shut down until 5pm yesterday when the aircraft was pushed further to the side so as not to be a danger to other flights taking off and landing. Twenty-four flights in and out of Kuching were affected.

As at press time, the airport was still closed, however. Only one flight — MH2597 — was allowed to take off, at 8pm.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said continuous heavy rain in Kuching for the past two weeks caused the aircraft to skid and veer off to the right of the runway onto soft ground.

“Upon landing, the aircraft went off the side of the runway at 10.02pm, with tyres stuck in wet grass and mud. It is still impossible to move the plane because of heavy rain.”

Speaking after launching the National Maritime Conference here yesterday, he said the remaining passengers, including six crew members left the aircraft unhurt…….. continued

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