The Skies Are More ‘Gay’ Friendly for This Couple

Has gay travel come of age?


The gay travel market is booming and estimated to account for more than 10% of travel spending worldwide – but how well is the industry responding to the strength of pink purchasing power?

The travel world says it embraces gay and lesbian travellers. There is now a growing number of new destinations and travel ideas appealing directly to the lucrative gay market.

But homosexuality is banned in more than 80 countries, often for religious or cultural reasons, and there are still reports of hoteliers turning away gay couples wanting to share a double room.

Those campaigning for gay rights and equality say there is still a lot more to be done, but those working with the travel industry say great strides forward are being made.

Travel companies can be quite innovative with ideas to promote gay travel.

The Scandanavian airline SAS recently hosted the first gay wedding on an aeroplane for two German graphic designers, Aleksander and Shantu, who won a competition.

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