The gift that keeps on giving….. your very own airline Trolley Dolly!

Let me tell you up front, they’re not cheap (but oh so unique). What they are~ incredibly chic, sleek, stylish, elegant, and practical!

From the aisle to the home, the mini-bars of the skies. We are talking about the highly maneuverable and functional ‘Airline Trolley’ (or beverage cart). Originally designed to provide airline passengers with in-flight food, drinks, and some of the comforts of home. You can now stylishly enjoy these comforts at home with your very own designer airline ‘trolley’!

Based in Germany, Skypak’s founder Peter Jorge Fischer has taken the robust and versatile airline service trolley from the sky, and with an entrepreneurial matter-of-factness and a knack for design, he’s elegantly re-styled airplane trolleys for home and office use. And they’re as unique as they are stunning!


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But not only that – the chic, functional trolleys also fill in as an extravagant wardrobe organizer, DVD rack , coffee bar, or home entertainment center. Whatever and wherever – the Skypak airline trolley is something special in the air, or in your home!

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