The Frugal Flight Attendant’s Guide to Hotel Meals on the Cheap

Hunger Games

Most of us have been there – layover in a city like Flagstaff and now you have to look for Flagstaff hotels but the room service is too expensive, restaurants are closed, and the snacks in the mini-bar just don’t scream “Nutritious!” What’s a girl with an appetite to do?


Thankfully, the answer you seek is within reach. With a little planning, and a little MacGyver-ing, there are ways to have your cake and eat it too. Okay, maybe not cake, but how about pancakes? Oatmeal? Even steamed vegetables. Just be sure that when you’re looking online for a hotel that your chosen accommodation has the following two amenities: a coffee pot and an iron.

Now here’s what you’re going to do with them.

The Coffee Maker: It’s Not Just for Coffee Anymore

I haven't had my coffee yet, don't make me kill you

Throw out all you know about the traditional coffee maker. Think of it now as your stove, your oven, and your grill. And that coffee pot? Well it’s still a pot, just not for coffee anymore. I first read about how to make oatmeal in the coffee carafe from an article on Wikihow. I know of a couple of gents who are fond on making pancakes using the burner – just make the pancake mix in the coffee pot and pour directly onto the (thoroughly cleaned) burner.

For those of you watching your svelte figures, Wikihow even shows you how to make steamed vegetables and soup.

The downhome folks at Southern Fried Science have taken it a step further and perfected the art of making beer in your coffee maker. Sadly (or not, depending on which side of the fence you fall on) it takes just a little bit longer than an overnight to make this concoction.

The Iron Lady


That hotel iron can do more than just get the wrinkles out of your uniform. (Fair warning, you may want to actually iron your custom uniforms first before trying any of these.)  What you’ll need is your basic iron (steam option off please) and some aluminum foil. Then can either gently massage your meal with the iron, or jerry-rig the iron so that it’s upside down, and you lay the tin-foil covered food on top. Sounds kind of gross (and perhaps a little dangerous) but believe me it works in a pinch. Unless your prefer your leftovers cold of course, in which case, have at ‘er.

The same method can be used to cook anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to bacon to fish.

Not that I’ve tried any of these of course. Winking smile


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