Take a Number, Avoid a Line

Prior to arriving at the airport, be sure to have the airline’s toll free reservation number entered into your mobile phone ‘contacts’ list.  Or dial in the number and push “call”, ending it as soon as the call is engaged.  The number will then be registered on your call history, and at your fingertips, should your flight be delayed or canceled.
At the first sign of a problem with your flight, do not waste a hot second looking for a line to stand in.  Instead, simply push “call” and get queued in to speak with an airline phone rep.  Yes, you may end up speaking with someone in India or the Philippines.  But remember, the phone rep works with the same computer system as the understaffed and overwhelmed airport gate agents.  Once connected to a phone rep, you may find you’ve already been re-booked, or they can assist you with another flight or routing. 

Lines. Who needs em?


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