Stinky Flyer and All That Jazz

Smelly Passenger Removed From Plane, CBC News         

Wednesday, February 17, 2010        

An American who hoped to travel on a flight from Charlottetown to Montreal earlier this month was removed from the plane because he smelled.    

‘The safety and comfort of our passengers are certainly our top priorities.’— Manon Stuart, Air Canada Jazz            

The Air Canada Jazz flight was waiting for takeoff when some passengers complained about the odour. Efforts were made to isolate the man from other passengers, but flight officials eventually decided to ask him to get off the plane.            

“Because of privacy reasons, I really can’t provide specific information on the passenger who was involved or the reason for the deplanement. But I can confirm that there was one passenger deplaned from our flight,” Manon Stuart, a spokesperson for Air Canada Jazz, told CBC News Wednesday.            

“As an airline, the safety and comfort of our passengers are certainly our top priorities, so any situation that is perceived as a threat to either the safety or the comfort of our passengers is taken seriously.”            

It’s the pilot’s decision whether to fly if there is a problem. Charlottetown airport officials said they were notified of the incident.            

The man, who was visiting Prince Edward Island, was allowed to travel on another flight the next morning.            

source- CBC News        

Air Canada 'Jazz' Passengers Line Up For Boarding


 I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been nearly knocked unconscious from various vapors while on the job.  Everything from halitosis, funky pits, that “not so fresh scent”, stinky feet, tiger balm, tuna fish, moth balls, and beer farts (to name a few).  For some reason, the all-nighters are more odorous than day time flying.  On more than a few occasions, I’ve told passengers to put their shoes back on.  Always men.  How is it possible they’re completely oblivious of the funk, as nearby passengers are dropping like flies ?  Maybe they simply do not care, or think no one will notice?            

Flight Farting….  During a service in the air, someone will hit me with a silent but deadly ‘air bagel’ while I’m stranded in the aisle trapped between carts.  There I am, stuck in the toxic cloud, holding my breath, eyes rolled back into my head, unable to free myself.  Like a trapped animal, I’d chew off my paw if I thought I could escape.        

 Don’t get me wrong.  Your cabin crew also suffers from ‘anal acoustics’.  We call it “crop dusting” as we cruise through the cabin leaving behind an invisible jet stream of methane gases from the previous nights happy hour nachos.  We can crop dust are way up and down that aisle all day long, literally leaving you in the dust.  And I’ll bet you a bottle of Beano, you’ll be silently blaming the guy seated next to you!            

Btw, whether your seated in First, Business, or Economy Class, ever wonder how many passengers have sat in that very same seat, tooting their horns and blasting their ass trumpets, mile after mile ?  No wonder it floats. ~ Martha            

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