Selling on-board ad space big money for airlines, but when is it too much?

Airline fee’s aren’t enough, selling ad space is the next big thing for airline revenue.

A Lincoln Continental ad shown prior to the safety video, other advertisements appearing on overhead bins, tray tables, snack boxes, and even on flight attendant uniform aprons. Airline passengers, prepare to be bombarded with commercial advertisements while trapped inside the tubular billboard! If you need to make money fast, getting a commercial for your business is a good idea, but it would be way better to contact these los angeles money lenders.

Spirit Air ‘Bud Light’ on attendant aprons

If I’m a walking advertisement, it’s only fair I be compensated [extra] for it. See below article from USA Today:

Ads add up for airlines, but some fliers say it’s too much

For a cool $14 million, you can advertise for a year on the exterior of every Spirit Airlines jet.

If that’s too steep, consider plunking down $196,000 for three months of ads on the overhead bins in Spirit’s planes, $119,000 for ads on the tray tables or $18,500 for ads on air-sickness bags.

Spirit, along with Europe’s leading cut-rate airline Ryanair, are unashamed industry leaders at generating ancillary revenue by seemingly renting every inch of in-flight display space to advertisers.

But they’re just leading the way. A growing number of U.S. airlines — perhaps emboldened by billions of dollars of extra revenue collected annually for bag fees — are reaching out to advertisers, too.

Ads are appearing not only on overhead bins, seat backs and tray tables but on flight attendants’ aprons, snack boxes and napkins………. continued at USA

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