Sacked Overweight Air India Flight Attendants Invited Back

Yes, you will have to be more “svelte” since “we are not relaxing our standards”.
Oh, and another thing. The company will soon be out of cash and unable to pay staff. Welcome back!
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Air India bosses give sacked overweight flight attendants jobs back

INDIA’S embattled state carrier has invited back former flight attendants it fired for being overweight because it is suffering a severe shortage of cabin crew.

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Air India Flight Attendants (Photo credit RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Air India approached nine to 10 women who were fired more than a year ago because they did not meet strict weight criteria for staff working in the cabin.

“About three of them have indicated that they would be willing to come back,” the spokesman said.

He stressed that the weight limits were still in force – they are calculated based on height and age – and that the crew would have to be more svelte if they reapplied for their former jobs.

“We are not relaxing our standards,” he said.

Sacked overweight women have unsuccessfully challenged Air India’s policy in Indian courts, which upheld clauses in the group’s employment contracts.

The crisis-hit airline faced protests from passengers in recent weeks over severe delays to its flights caused by a shortage of cabin crew, endemic absenteeism and problems adapting to a new airport terminal in New Delhi.

The Hindustan Times newspaper reported that the loss-making group, which is seeking a new government bailout, will run out of cash in the next few months and be unable to pay staff after March.

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