Quadriplegic Forced off Frontier Airlines Flight by Police, Pilot “I want him off this plane”

Quadriplegic man forced off flight by police after pilot ‘said it was unsafe to fly with him on board’ 

"Frontier, you've got some explaining (and damage control) to do!"

Story from The Daily Mail UK Online

Dallas- A quadriplegic man was humiliatingly escorted off a flight by police after the pilot refused to fly with him on board, it has been claimed.

John Morris and his family had just boarded a Frontier Airlines flight in Dallas on Sunday to return home to Fort Collins when he was forced off the plane.

The 24-year-old Colorado State University student said issue was taken to him using an airline belt extension to secure his chest and legs to the seat, with the pilot deeming the standard practice unsafe.

Two days earlier, Mr Morris had no problems flying to Dallas to attend a family wedding, according to his mother, Kathleen.

But on Sunday afternoon a farcical series of events led to the innocent passenger, who has used a wheelchair since being paralysed in a snowboard accident five years ago, being escorted off the plane by police…. continued at www.dailymail.co.uk Click link for full story and pics.

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