Pistol Packing Delta Flight Attendant Wants Her Job Back

Ex-Delta Flight Attendant Wants Job Back

By George Franco, MyFoxAtlanta.com

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Indianapolis- In June, Delta Flight Attendant Amber Robillard, arrested for concealed handgun

ATLANTA – A former Delta flight attendant was busted in Indianapolis with a gun in a carry-on bag. Amber Robillard talked about her ordeal Thursday and said she hopes to get her job back. In June, Robillard was arrested in Indianapolis for a pistol in her carry-on luggage. “I was shocked. I was stunned. It was absolutely my worst nightmare,” said Robillard. Robillard said she forgot about the gun. The former flight attendant said she picked up the wrong bag as she was leaving her home and it was a bag in which she kept the pistol. However, if your job requires you to carry a gun and you know you have to go anywhere at any point in time, it would be recommended that you undergo classes like a weapons course. Robillard said she was stowing belongings into several bags after her home had been broken into for the fourth time in a year and a half. “I had so many things going on, I was extremely frustrated,” said Robillard. Robillard said she headed to work and boarded a Delta bus that took her to her flight. Robillard said no one screened her in Atlanta, but TSA busted her in Indianapolis. In a statement, Delta officials said, “We take our airport security programs very seriously and thoroughly investigate any potential violations.” TSA officials said, “As part of TSA’s layered security approach, airport operators or airlines, depending on the agreement in place, develop and implement security programs specifically tailored for each airport.” Indianapolis authorities dropped the charges against Robillard, who is appealing her firing from Delta. “I’d really love to get back to work doing what I love and I want them to help me in this process,” said Robillard. Fox5Atlanta~ Click here for this story and exclusive TAPED interview with Amber Robillard