Passenger suing Continental Airlines for not accepting cash during flight

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Okay, the guy didn’t have plastic handy during the flight. The reason? Because he checked his credit cards with his luggage. Duh! That’s his problem, not the airline. What a dummy! I suppose he checked his meds too?

Blame, blame, blame! Accept some responsibility will ya? For every choice there are consequences. You made a choice to be a numbskull while traveling. It’s okay, ‘numbskullishness’ happens. Accept it and move on.

You can always travel with a personal entertainment system of your own, and not be so dependent on others (the airline). You should also consider that airline inflight entertainment systems sometimes fail (and be prepared for it). What happens then? You can sit and stew about it for hours, or entertain yourself with your very own entertainment!

It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Yes, it can be something as simple as a paperback book or crossword puzzles. Nah, that’s too easy. You’d rather take the airline to court.

Here’s the story from MSNBC’s “Red Tape Chronicles”……….


Isn’t money good for anything any more? Airline sued over cashless cabin policy


By Bob Sullivan

Being jammed into a plane for 10 hours can certainly feel like being stuck in a foreign country. But that’s not the reason Michael Rosen’s U.S. dollars were rejected on a recent flight from Hawaii to New York.  As many travelers know, dollars — the physical kind — are useless once you board an airplane in most cases.

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You’ll need plastic to buy a headset, a drink or a snack. Rosen, a New Jersey lawyer, thinks that’s discrimination, so he’s filed a lawsuit aimed at forcing airlines to treat greenbacks, and consumers who carry them, with more respect………… (click here)