Passenger Returns Stolen Airline ‘In-Flight’ Items Ten Years Later

Air passenger returns ‘stolen’ property ten years after theft

KAOHSIUNG — Ten years after stealing a cup, a blanket and a set of dining utensils from a Cathay Pacific plane, the repentant passenger sent them back to the airline, along with NT$900 (US$29.82), airline sources said yesterday.

The airline’s Kaohsiung office received the package July 19, but as they were unable to contact the sender, who called himself Chiu Chan-ho, they initially did not open it.

Finally, a female staffer’s curiosity got the better of her and she opened the package.

Lee Hsiung-ta, a manager in charge of the carrier’s business in southern Taiwan, speculated that Chiu might be a frequent flyer who pilfered the objects a long time ago and was now sending them back after being struck with remorse.

Lee told CNA that all the items were no longer in production and should be seen as collector’s items.

Since the staff could not reach the sender, they decided to donate that NT$900 “interest payment” to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Lee further reported that this year alone, Cathay Pacific has lost 1,000 of the life vests that are placed under passengers’ seats, a big loss to the company since each vest is worth around NT$1,000.

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