Passenger Loses it, Punches Flight Attendant

2 New Yorkers come to rescue when deranged man attacks flight attendant on JFK-bound plane

American Airlines, Google photo.

Two New Yorkers came to the rescue of a beleaguered flight attendant after he was attacked by a deranged man on a JFK-bound plane, sources said Friday.

One of them, 36-year-old Ramiro Silos, said the burly man was “screaming something about his sons.”

“The guy was big and he was screaming, screaming, screaming,” Ramiro Silos told The Daily News. “I could not understand him. But when we took him down, we took him down hard.”

The unruly passenger was identified by police as 63-year-old Michael Isabelle of Framingham, Mass.

Isabelle was taken by Port Authority police to the psych ward at Jamaica Hospital after the plane landed safely on Thursday. No charges have been filed against him.

Ed Martelle, a spokesman for American Airlines, confirmed they had “a disruptive passenger on board” Flight 256 out of Rio de Janeiro. He declined to give any other details……… continued

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  1. February 3, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    And once again, the great traveling public boldly go where Sky Marshals fear to tread…

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