Passenger 34E, Please Accept My Apology

You asked politely if you could stand in the already cramped 757 aft galley for a while.  Turns out, “a while” would be hours.  Yes, you standing there was annoying.  And you were in the way a lot, but I overlooked it since you seemed so miserable.  I did keep checking in, asking “are you okay?”.  Once finding you sitting on the flight attendant jumpseat, I told you that sitting there was not okay.  You complied, and were very polite throughout.  You didn’t complain, just said you were unable to sit, and very uncomfortable.The flight was completely full, with an ass in every seat.  It was a busy one too, for the minimal crew staffing.  With each trip back to the galley, I checked in with you still standing there.  I told you how bad you looked, pale, and how you looked sick.  You seemed sad too, really sad.  Like you needed a hug or something.  I thought your color was way off, gray-blue in fact.  I talked with my flying partner.  She agreed.  We thought you looked awful, just awful.  I asked if you were going to be sick, like ‘throw up’ sick?  I even got a bag for you.  Looking sad, you said no.  I asked if you needed oxygen?  You said no, that you just needed to stand.

You were in the way of other people too, trying to use the lavatories.  At times, it looked like ‘Polka Varieties’ as you and other passengers danced around each other trying not to get too personal.

 Hours had passed, and we began our descent.  Thankfully, the captain turned on the ‘fasten seat belt sign’ forcing you to return to your seat.  It was then, as I did my compliance safety check, I realized your ‘condition’.  There you were, jammed into that center seat, stuffed up against the enormous human seated next to you, in seat 34F.  Not sure if the  person was male or female, which only added slightly to the ‘condition’.  And I don’t think it matteredto you at all, one way or the other.  What did matter, was that 34F was seriously overlapped into your space.  But you were too polite to say anything.  Bless your heart.  There you were, sitting quietly and looking small.  Tiny really, when squished up against your double-wide seatmate.

So, I do apologize for repeatedly telling you how horrible you looked.  I now realize you probably looked just fine, the way you always look.  I meant well with being concerned and all, but my comments probably did nothing for your self-esteem.  I simply did not understand the condition your condition was in. 

Seat 34F


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