Party time!

The biggest clubbing destinations in Europe are on our doorstep, and for a chance to let loose, let your hair down, and truly set your cares away, head off to enjoy the thumping baselines.


Do you want to plan a huge event or party and would like to go big, the best option to do this to hire a reliable party hire that can guide with all the details to make your party a unique event.

Ibiza nightclub party


Of course, holidays centred around nights out can hit the pocket a little, so it’s sensible to save as much as possible before you jet off, and it’s easier than you think. I recently booked Luton Airport parking on a holiday to Istanbul, and I saved a considerable amount on my getting from A to B plans, without the need to book costly public transport. It was also a much more easy-going experience with a party bus. If you’re flying from Stansted, as I do regularly, then I can highly recommend the facilities for Stansted parking. You’ll find parking services available countrywide, so I’d certainly suggest you look into it, to save some money pre-holiday, with more spare for you to enjoy your party holiday.


So money firmly in your pocket, where can you head to party like it’s your last?


Well Ibiza is the obvious choice, with huge super-clubs ready to be your venue, and San Antonio is the best resort on the island if clubbing is your pastime. Magaluf is another party Mecca, and a little closer to home too. If you prefer further afield, why not try Cyprus and its seemingly endless beaches? Ayia Napa is legendary, and you’ll struggle to keep up with the never-sleeping resort after a few days! Faliraki in Rhodes is the Greek choice, as well as Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where you’ll also find you can cut costs on eating out etc, due to the low cost of living.

Easat Coast Tenerife Beach Canary Islands Spain

Most popular summer destinations offer a particular section of the resort that is generally dedicated to night clubs and bars, usually called something along the lines of Bar Street, however the above mentioned destinations are the go-to legendary and well-known party holiday destinations, where you’ll often be able to find a clear spot on the beach during the day, because most holidaymakers are still recovering from the night before and their excesses! Of course, if you’re jetting off for a clubbing holiday then you’ll probably be amongst that collective, but do try and get a bit of sun and see some of the destination you’re staying in!


Remember, if you’re heading off for a clubbing break, be sensible. Yes, you’re on holiday, but there are dangers out there and drinking too much and letting your inhibitions drop tends to lead to problematic situations. If you’re in a group, have one person nominated per night that either doesn’t drink, or keeps it light, so they can keep an eye on everyone, and make sure everyone gets home safely. It’s common sense at the end of the day, but all too often when we’re on holiday, we forget that situations can become dangerous, and even more so when our surroundings are unfamiliar.

Safety lecture over, you’re free to enjoy your holiday in the sun. Stay safe, keep your wits about you, and have a damn good time!