How to Pack Up Your Life Before Your RTW Trip

A round the world trip is an exciting event. At the same time, this event requires detailed planning and lots of packing. Packing is probably the most difficult thing awaiting for you. Deciding what clothes and things to take with you might turn out to be a challenging task. Overpacking is the greatest temptation that will attack you during the preparation. Remember unless you want to hire moving companies everywhere you go, you will be carrying this!

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The fewer things you take, the more comfortable your RTW trip will be. Do not try to take the whole stock of clothes you have, as doing this is virtually impossible, if you want, if you really have packs of things to bring on your trip, hire a reputable and professional moving company like Citimap. But as much as possible, take only those things you cannot do without and make sure all items match each other.

Here are a few basic points and recommendations to consider when packing for a round the world trip.

Climate and Weather

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The first thing you need to understand about the cross-continental trip is that you will be travelling through different climatic zones, unless you plan to visit ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ countries only. So, the first thing you need to do, is to research information about the climates you will be travelling through. This information will give some hints on what clothes to take.


Undoubtedly, you will do lots of laundry, so do not take very expensive clothes. Of course, if you plan visiting official gatherings, it is good having something elegant. Clothes should be comfortable to wear and easy to wash. It is good if you can buy specific traveling clothing. Such clothing is made of different materials than clothes you wear daily. Travellers who do lots of walking should avoid blue jeans and cotton items, as they are heavy and not breathable. When deciding on suitable clothes take into account the climate of countries you plan visiting during the trip. Make sure you take enough socks and underwear (5 – 7 pairs). Also take different footwear, like sandals or flip-flops, home slippers, hiking and waterproof shoes.

Toiletries and First Aid Kit

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Just like with clothes – do not take too much! Things like shampoo, soap and toilet paper you can buy virtually anywhere in the world. If you cannot live a day without your favourite shampoo or moisturizing cream and are not sure you can buy them abroad, it is better taking these things with you. Also do not forget about wet wipes, they should be always at your elbow. The same concerns the first aid kit – take only the most necessary items, like antiseptic cream, band-aids, painkillers and plaster.

Electronic Gadgets

Modern smartphones can substitute a great variety of gadgets, like GPS navigator, music player, camera and computer. If you are fond of photography, you should take professional camera. You might also need a laptop or netbook.

Moving services

There are situations, when you might need help of a moving company. Some things you cannot take with you everywhere you go. This is where professional movers will come in handy. A reliably company like will help move your stuff irrespective of where you go. When hiring this moving company from San Francisco, you can be sure that your things will be delivered safe and sound and with no delays. Irrespective of what items you need to move, with SFmoving your RTW trip will be even more pleasant and unforgettable.



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