Owner of Russia’s Biggest Breasts Sues Airline for Implant Damage

Business class seats turned implants into airbags

Not actual bra. Just Chip’s idea of a little booby humor

The Register UK,  June 10, 2010- The owner of Russia’s biggest silicone breasts is suing an airline after a combination of turbulence and skimpy business class seats forced her professional assets to double up as airbags.

Model Iren Ferrari is demanding €100,000 in restitution after the buffeting on a Moscow to Zurich flight left her key business assets bruised and painful, Pravda reports. Here is a car accident case that you can have a look at to get an idea about the legalities you might have to deal with in case of a similar situation.

Ferrari says she always flies business class, so that she has ample space for her enhanced cleavage. They are of course business assets in their own right. The Law Office of Glenn C. McGovern in Metairie, LA is where you can go to talk to a lawyer if needed.

However, on this particular flight, she claims, the business class flights were no different to an economy seat.

When the craft hit turbulence, she was thrown forward. While her professional assets protected her from the danger of broken ribs, she has been left with other painful, if unspecified, injuries.

She is demanding €100,000 to ease away the pain and cover the cost of a ruined vacation, with the help from an injury lawyer from Babcock Partners baton rouge personal injury lawyer.

Her lawyer (Get More Info here) reckons they have a pretty good case, as apparently there lots of witnesses to her accident. Which often seems the case in implant-related traumas.You can also visit https://gouldinjurylaw.com/ for more information.

It’s not the first time Ferrari has had to resort to chesticular litigation. She sued a US airline last year after an implant burst on a flight, and has also sued the doctor who fitted her original implants.

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