Now anyone can sleep in the cockpit of a Jumbo Boeing 747 !

Where is the last place you’ll want to sleep after a long flight? An airliner right? Well not if your next destination is Stockholm with reservations at the Jumbo Stay Hostel ( . Parked off the runway at Stockholm airport, this Boeing 747 once flew the skies for Singapore and Pan Am airlines, and now offers a very special layover stay for airline enthusiasts and travelers thinking outside of the hostel and hotel box.

747 jumbo hostel in Stockholm

On a disused runway at Stockholm airport, the Jumbo Stay hostel offers visitors the pleasures of first-class air travel, while staying firmly on the ground, says Scott Manson for The Guardian

747 Jumbo Hostel Cafe replaced first class cabin.

When boarding a flight few of us can afford to turn left on an aircraft. The most we get to see how the other half live, at least when it comes to flying, is a quick, envious glimpse of flat beds and smiling air stewards offering glasses of champagne, before accepting our lot and turning right into cattle class. But there is one aircraft where the pleasures of first and business class – flat beds, drinks on demand, good food – can be enjoyed at the cost of a night in an average mid-price chain hotel.

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The Honeymoon Cockpit Suite

The catch? The plane isn’t going anywhere. Jumbo Stay – the world’s only 747 jet to be converted into a hostel – sits on a disused runway at Stockholm airport. Accessed via a 15-minute walk from the main terminal or via a five-minute shuttle bus, it’s arguably the only way that most of us will ever enjoy a good night’s sleep on a plane……. continued

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