The Mediterranean Just Got Better: Vacation On Mykonos

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If you do your research to find the best places in Europe to take a summer vacation you will invariably find that most of the best places tend to fall in one area. It is the southern part of Europe in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. This location offers access to a number of countries and three continents. It also provides some of the most sought after destinations for high level vacationers.

Celebrities, athletes and personalities come here to mingle with politicians and royalty who make this their primary vacation go to each summer. But there are also crowds of regular vacationers who save their money all year to participate for a few weeks in the pampered vacations they read about online and in magazines.

Whether it is the high society pedigree of the South of France which is where places like Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez are, the tiny nation of Monaco, the Italian Rivera cities, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, Sardinia or other destinations, the Mediterranean, is the place to be during the summer in Europe.  One place that is also on the Mediterranean which has been a tourist magnet for more than one thousand years are the Greek Islands. Although Crete and Santorini might be better known, the island Mykonos is the most sought after and certainly the one with the most bang for the buck.

Here are a few good reasons why Mykonos should be your preferred Mediterranean vacation spot.

The Best Accommodations

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Mykonos is a small island that has great resorts designed to provide high end accommodations to exacting guests. There are several resorts on the island that get good reviews, but frankly, if you want to stay at the best accommodations on Mykonos, you should book here at the Adorno Suites Hotel. This all-suites beach front resort is a first choice for those coming to Mykonos for a truly enjoyable stay. To learn more about the Adorno Suites Hotel, and book a reservation, click here.

Great Activities

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The activities start on Mykonos with the amazing archeological ruins on the island. There are several sites that date back to more than 4,000 years old that tell the history of the civilizations that have lived here. Of course the most famous are the Ancient Greeks who made Mykonos one of their primary cities. You can see the entire history at the museums and galleries throughout the island as well.

There is also hiking and bike riding around the island where you can see the unique Greek and European architecture. There are beautiful buildings everywhere that fit these styles.

Shopping here is great with both local and international designers represented. Buy something to remind you of your stay here.

The food and drink on Mykonos is wonderful and in abundance, and even if you can’t find a bar near by, there are also services of alcohol near me which can deliver the drinks to the place you are. Fabulous Greek food is everywhere along with international cuisine from Europe and the world.

The nightlife never stops either. You can choose to dance the night away at a disco or listen to music at a restaurant or bad overlooking the Mediterranean. The fun goes on all night.

Rent a Private Yacht and Cruise the Mediterranean

One of the great things about staying on Mykonos is that you are so near so many other really cool and interesting places to visit. You can charter a sailing or motoring yacht and visit any or all of the islands in the area and some of the top vacation cities along the Mediterranean as well. Hire a crew from Yacht crew jobs who can safely guide you around the area and sail for a half, full, or several days. You can visit other Greek islands, mainland Greece, or any of the other countries in the area. You may also rent a helicopter to help you enjoy sightseeing better.

Mykonos is the new hot spot on the Mediterranean. Come here and find your new favorite vacation destination.