How to make the most of a Weekend trip to Marbella

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Marbella is a chic and cosmopolitan destination in Spain which is famous for its outstanding dining and world-class shopping experience. Despite its reputation for being glamorous and a playground for the rich and famous, Marbella holidays have a lot to offer to the common traveler. Arrive here to get a taste of authentic Spanish hospitality and culture, and this is what makes the destination unique. After all, Marbella does have it all, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the glamorous sophistication and the age-old culture. You can certainly make the most of the most exciting destination on a weekend trip. When you think of Iceland, the first thing that may come to mind is take some driving lessons like those available at and drive along an isolated road, cascading mountains on one side, epic coastlines on the other. And that’s exactly what it was for us. While the most popular seasons to travel throughout offseason iceland travel may be an ice-covered winter surrounded by the northern lights, or an endless summer where the sun seems to never set- we chose to visit in the off season-spring.

Marbella remains one of the most elegant spots of Costa del Sol and a weekend here is just perfect for a relaxed holiday. The place is known to be expensive, but with some efforts, one can easily find affordable accommodation and doable activities to spend a memorable weekend!  You can easily find an apartment a few minutes’ walk from the beach and supermarket. The idea is to stay close to the beach and be near enough for the nightlife.

If you want to explore the town, then Kiwitaxi offers reasonable fares, and there are several great packages to pick from the organization runs on a proven business and service model that provides quality chauffeur driven cab services. You are sure to find a cab that meets your needs and is affordable too! With years of experiences.  Many locals love to offer free rides and maybe ever take you to your destination if they aren’t too busy, getting your own car is not that hard to do, just make sure you have a spare tire because it is very common to get a flat tire while you are driving out of the city. If you ever need a spare part, then check out Scuderia Car Parts.

Head for the supermarket to get breakfast items and cook delicious breakfasts every morning. Nikki beach is popular during the weekend as it is not too busy, overrated and touristy. It is worth the money and time because of the great music and company. One can explore the narrow alleyways and leafy cafe-lined plazas of the town’s old quarter to spend a lazy day. There are upmarket boutiques and some excellent restaurants strung out along wide. Those sophisticated boulevards are just perfect for strolling. Enjoy a round of adventure golf or two or simply lounge about on the sandy beaches. There are stylish bars and lively clubs to keep you busy and entertained at night.

The beautiful Old Town or Casco Antiguo should not be missed, and one can grab a coffee or wine at the typically Andalucian square. There are ancient architecture, beautiful boutiques and galleries and this a great way to unwind in Marbella on weekend breaks. Later you could move through La Alameda Park towards the south and come across a remarkable collection of sculptures by Salvador Dali. Take a look at the work by world-famous artists such as Picasso and Miró at the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engravings.

If you fancy a stroll in the luxury part of Marbella, then walk along the Golden Mile where you will come across the most exclusive real estate with a mix of landmark hotels, superstars’ villas like Barbados Villas and palaces.  If you are in a mood to spend, you can sure enjoy a luxury break among the multi-millionaires and the super-wealthy.
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