How do you handle a 15 hour (or more) flight in coach?

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The ‘Wall Street Journal Middle Seat’ takes us from Sydney to Dallas, in coach! How would you pace yourself? What would you do for 15 hours (or more) stuck in ‘the village’?

From WSJ ‘Middle Seat’~

Over the Pacific Ocean

It’s 2 a.m. aboard Qantas Airways Flight 7 from Sydney to Dallas. The sun is rising. Time for a quick stretch, then a couple of episodes of “30 Rock.” Are we there yet?

Five hours remain on the 15-hour trip, the longest flight in the world with a coach cabin. It’s an eternity when shoehorned into space with a mere 16 inches of hip width inside the armrests.

Nonetheless, long-haul nonstop flights like this one are increasingly popular among business travelers and high-end tourists who are willing to pay about 20% more to avoid a layover.

How about the 18 hour mother-lode Los Angeles to Singapore?

“You have to know how to pace yourself,” said architect and interior designer Beatrice Girelli. For her, the Los Angeles to Singapore 18-hour nonstop she takes about six times a year on Singapore Airlines is like a “spa day.” Working long hours on the ground, she finds that time spent six miles above Earth becomes her escape: She sleeps, relaxes, avoids work and enjoys three meals plus Italian or French movies.

Read entire WSJ ‘Middle Seat’ article here

How do you manage the long-haul non-stops? Comment below…..


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