Hot Topic: Should Babies be banned from First Class?

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“Do first class and babies mix?”

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(CNN) — My wife gave birth to our first child nearly two months ago, and the time has come for us to plan our first airplane trip to see the grandparents.

We looked for things like easy connections, times of day that matched his sleep schedule, and ideal seating configurations before we made our choice. But then a funny thing happened. I noticed there were upgrade seats available on all the long flights we were going to book, and I had the miles. Should I do it?

I took to Twitter first and asked the simple question: “Will people kill me if I upgrade to first class with a baby?”

The responses were certainly mixed. Most parents chimed in suggesting that I should absolutely do it, while others said yes, they would, in fact, kill me…… continued

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  1. March 5, 2012 at 9:37 am

    One thing I never understood; When traveling with a baby on flights where coach is wide open with available empty rows and not a single empty seat in FC, why parents choose 2 FC seats over an empty row in coach? With the center armrests between two FC seats are you really gaining that much baby room? I’d much rather have an entire row of coach over two FC seats. On full flights I’d pay for a third seat in coach before paying for 2 FC seats when traveling with a baby.

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