Heineken’s Departure Roulette

Drop Everything. Push Button. Commit To: ???

For anyone at Terminal 8 in JFK recently, you may have noticed some perplexed travellers, a camera crew, a few brave contestants, and more than a fair share of a lot of lookie-loos. All gathering around a green Heineken board that looked like this:

Heineken DepartureRoulette

Here’s what all the fuss was about. Heineken came up with a game called “Departure Roulette” — the premise is that if you agreed to participate, you’d drop all your current travel plans, push a button, and then be spirited off on the next flight to the destination on the board. Some brave souls who did heed the call got some pretty nifty trips — Cyprus, Laos, Portugal, Thailand — a lot better than Des Moines or Topeka or wherever they were headed. Heineken even footed the bill for two nights in a hotel to help ease the transition.

Would you play Departure Roulette? Or is getting on a random flight the last thing you’d want to do? Take a look at the video and let me know in the comments below.