Getting to Sunny Benidorm

Benidorm has been a hugely popular holiday destination since the tourist boom took Spain in the 50s and 60s. With over 50 years of constant development and maintenance being put into the coastal town, Benidorm now boasts a fabulous wealth of pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops and bars: almost more than any one person could visit in a lifetime!


But even before the building work ever started, Benidorm was always a stunningly beautiful location for a holiday, featuring two welcoming sandy beaches, separated by a rocky promontory which provides a focal point for the town and also offers excellent views down the coast in either direction. Spectacular birdlife can be enjoyed by taking advantage of a ten-minute boat ride from which the entire town is presented as an excellent photo opportunity, perfect to send to friends and family!

Benidorm beach.jpg
Benidorm caters for all tastes and ages, from lounging peacefully on the beach to taking part in watersports and catching a glimpse of life beneath the waves at the Aquascope there is bound to be something to entertain the whole family. Spain is beautifully situated and Benidorm is well-served by various different methods of transport.

Flights land daily at Alicante airport, some 60km away from Benidorm; some as cheap as a few euros each way, especially using a service like Holiday Hypermarket which will help you reach this coastal resort in the manner that pleases you best and make sure you get the best possible deal for your holiday. For those who do not like to fly, there are high-speed train services from all over Europe, but this may turn out to be a more expensive proposition. Once in the country it is possible to use an extensive network of public transport, or even to hire a car to drive yourself around. I found Benidorm to be easily navigable on foot, with taxis readily available for any visits a bit further afield.

City streets of Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain.jpg

If you are planning a holiday to sunny Spain, and particularly to Benidorm, in the near future, do not hesitate any longer; contact Holiday Hypermarket now, to see what deals are available for you today!