Funky Airport Bars

I have a confession to make — I like a nice stiff one. A drink that is. (Oh you dirty minded soul you.)

When it’s time to call it a day, since I’m usually at the airport, the call of the airport bar is sometimes too hard for this gal to resist. Okay, so it’s not that hard to resist at all actually. I can find most of them with my eyes closed.

There are some really classy airport bars out there. There are also some that are just downright odd. Here are 5 of my faves, some from column A and some from column B…

Encounter, LAX

Encounter restaurant and bar, LAX, Los Angeles airport

Ever tried a radioactive cocktail before? Well, you won’t get to drink a real one without killing yourself, but at least you can experience a radioactive-colored cocktail here at Encounter. This UFO themed watering hole  features moonstone quarry walls and a bar shaped to match. The cool bit comes when the bartender pours a drink; the bar guns emit light and creepy UFO-ish sound effects. You also sit on ‘floating’ chairs adorned with lava lights that give you that levitating feeling. The bar is suitably elevated and provides a full 360-degree view of the airport. It’s also been known to give sky-high hangovers.

Deep Blue Sushi, JFK

Deep Blue Sushi, JFK airport

This neon blue sushi bar is well known for its Asian cocktails. Obviously themed in blue, it features patterned light-emitting blue glass and deep blue glittering mosaic tiles. There’s also a large sculpture of a tuna that’s pretty hard to miss. It seems rather fitting it’s located in Terminal 5 — the JetBlue terminal.  Apart from their delicious food, Deep Blue Sushi serves some reputable Asian-inspired cocktails such as the Shochu Berry Tea and the Ginfusion. But please, only smuggle their food on JetBlue flights – bringing your own booze to the plane just won’t fly.

You won’t find any alcohol here but this bar is great for hangover recovery since we try to work along with the rehabs from

The O2 Bar, LAS

O2 Bar las vegas airport
At the O2 Bar, you feed on oxygen through tubes of scented bubbling water. It’s perfect when you’ve had a little too much to drink during your layover and a great pick me up for the lack of sleep from those casino nights playing with the casinoer roulette. Take my word, an oxygenated passenger (and crew) is much more pleasant for everyone.

One Flew South, ATL

One Flew South bar and restaurant Atlanta Georgia airport

Who would’ve thought to find a forest getaway in the midst of the chaos of Hotlanta’s airport? Walking into One Flew South is like walking into the woods – with a bar. And a classy one to boot. There’s an enormous glowing woodland mural behind a pink Cherokee marble bar. There’s nothing airport-y about this place and besides the (pricey) food menu, it offers an impressive southern-inspired list of cocktails and award-winning wines.

The Elvis Bar, PIK

(I see you scrambling trying to find that airport code…)


The folks at flights24 pointed out one that I would have entirely missed — The Elvis Bar. I’ve just added it to my bucket list thought. Located at the airport in Prestwick, Scotland there’s nothing award-winning about this place, except that it has been decorated with bits and pieces that have anything to do with Elvis Presley, and repeatedly plays the best of the King’s hits.

What’s strange about this bar is its location. It would make sense having an Elvis-themed bar located in Las Vegas or Memphis, but in a small Scottish airport? The bar was actually established in memory of the only place in the UK that the King ever set foot in. Who knew?

Know of any funky airport bars I missed?

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