From the Weird File: Passenger Stung by Scorpion on Alaska Airlines Flight

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Scorpion on a plane: Portland-area man stung on flight to Alaska

PORTLAND, Ore. – A scorpion on an airplane stung a Portland-area man flying from Seattle to Anchorage.

No, it’s not a sequel to Samuel L. Jackson’s infamous 2006 action flick, Snakes on a Plane. The real life drama happened to Jeff Ellis, of West Linn, on board a June 17 Alaska Airlines flight. “Everybody I’ve talk to thinks it was incredible, unbelievable. I’m here to tell you, it was definitely there,” said Ellis.

Ellis was trying to sleep on a red-eye flight when he felt something inside one of his sleeves.  He brushed it aside without looking, thinking a small bug might be on his arm.

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“Then I felt it crawling on me again,” he said.  “I picked my hand up and said, oh my God, that’s a scorpion.”……… continued

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