For Sale~ Case of 72 Rubber Duck Flight Attendants

Wanna buy a duck?


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Flight Attendant Rubber Duck With Squeak- Case of 72

Big Savings!

Price: $98.43
Sale: $75.72
You Save: $22.71 (23%)

Martha says~  I am constantly on the prowl for exciting, sensible, and affordable products to feature on this site.  No Amazon stone will be left unturned.         

This latest find is like no other!  I now present to you, a case of 72 squeaking Rubber Duck Flight Attendants, now available from the site.  Please see ‘duck link’ —–>       

Who knew?       

I’d buy the ducks myself, but we’re short on storage after Chips purchase of the 96 miniature lumber jack voodoo dolls.  He’s slowly chopping through them, one jack at a time.