A Foodie’s Guide to Jordan

One of the most fascinating countries in the Middle East, Jordan is full of flavours and delicious food. This is a country where you’ll find many superb foods to taste and food is a highlight of holidays to Jordan. Here are just a few things to look out for in Jordan.

Street Food

Jordan food market

Jordan has some of its best food on the streets. Check out falafel, a fried chick pea snack served with pitta and salad. One of the best places to go is Hashem café in Amman which is busy, cheap, has excellent food and even the King has been seen eating there. Knafeh is another specialty consisting of semolina, syrup and goats cheese baked in a pan. You’ll see people queuing for this dessert which is calorie packed, very rich, and delicious.


With many of the meals in Jordan you may find meze which are snacks served as a starter. These include olives, hummus, grilled eggplant, falafel, lamb kebab, and many more. Ful is made from fava beans and another specialty commonly found amongst the meze. Typically these are shared at the table, and are often sufficient for a main meal.

Specialty dishes

Jordan Home Food

In Jordan there are a number of special dishes to look out for on a menu. Mansaf is a Bedouin dish consisting of lamb with pine nuts baked in yoghurt. Farooj is a grilled chicken on a spit, often served with bread and pickles. Shwarma is grilled lamb served from a spit and served in flat bread with tomatoes and onions. In Aqaba the fish is particularly good and there are some excellent seafood restaurants in town. If you want to recreate these dishes at home, you’ll need some kitchen gadgets from kitchenbar.net.


Mint tea is very popular in Jordan and often served with fresh leaves and copious amounts of sugar. I love keurig pods for my everyday coffee but this time, I’m trying their coffee which is roasted from beans and flavoured with cardamom. If you are offered tea with the Bedouin, their hospitality is renowned and quite an experience. For a refreshing cold drink, try lemon mint which is served bright green but completely natural and excellent on a hot day. You can also buy some sparkling drinks (visit sites like https://www.orangina-na.com/products/ to find more details) to keep you refreshed on the go.

The Sweets

Jordanian pastries

On holidays to Jordan you can find sweet shops in many of the Jordanian towns. These are beautifully made and taste delicious. You’ll also find fresh dates and figs which make good gifts. If the Jordanian food has really tempted your taste buds then do look out for the cooking lessons in Petra where you can learn to create local food and eat it. You can take your recipes home and treat your friends to a Jordanian supper.


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