Fly Smarter! That’s right, 5 really smart phone apps you shouldn’t be without!

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Impressive travel website ‘Smarter Travel has done it again, this time with a list of 5 smartphone apps every frequent (or not so much) flyer shouldn’t leave home without.

5 Apps the Airlines Don’t Want You to Use

Now that almost every flier has a smartphone, and almost every airport has charging stations to power up these devices, savvy travelers know to load up on handy apps. But which ones are the best for your entire flight process—from booking that cheap ticket to saving yourself when things go wrong? The apps below are so helpful, we suspect the airlines would prefer you didn’t actually use them.

Flyers Rights ($0.99): Did you know that airlines are no longer legally allowed to keep you trapped on the tarmac for more than three hours during a domestic flight delay? If you had the Flyers Rights app, you would. Plus, you’d be able to log your delays in real time, using the app’s GPS system and map for future evidence. The app also gives helpful tips about what to do in the event of a delay, and specific information about your legal rights as a passenger.

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