Flight Attendant Uniforms, Popular In Japan Sex Clubs





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Men in Japan love a woman in uniform, much to one airline’s frustration.

Japan Airlines (JAL) is frantically trying to stop its flight attendant uniforms from being sold to sex clubs.

The skirt-and-blazer ensemble is a hot commodity at the clubs, where dancers who play up the “sexy stewardess” stereotype can bring big business and some venues are even designed to look like the inside of an airplane.

“JAL still has the reputation of having beautiful flight attendants,” photographer Joan Sinclair, author of “Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs,” told ABC News. “Some of these uniforms will go for thousands.

“If they are genuine uniforms, they are in limited supply,” Sinclair continued. “Worn uniforms, if it comes with a Polaroid photo of the woman who wore it, go for a premium.”

JAL declared bankruptcy in January and announced layoffs this week – meaning there may soon be plenty of unused uniforms and ex-employees looking for extra cash. The uniforms reportedly have serial numbers sewn into them, according to ABC News, and the airline has staff members dedicated to tracking the whereabouts of each article of clothing.

Secondhand airline uniforms could also pose a security risk if they land in the wrong hands, the report notes.

When someone tried to sell a JAL uniform on the Internet in 2005, the airline bid more than $2,000 to keep it from reaching the public, according to Kyodo News. A JAL spokesperson told ABC that “the company was able to successfully recover the stolen property, and with the assistance of authorities, the seller was properly charged.”

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