Flight Attendant Opens Up a Can of ‘Whoop Ass’ With Pants-Off Flyer

Poor Kinman Chan.  I mean, what the heck happened?  There must be more to the story right?  Obviously the marijuana cookies were good, but good enough causing him to go coo-koo on a flight, dropping his drawers, and acting a fool?  Haven’t we al experimented with ‘mari-jane’?  Okay, mine was a very lengthy experiment.  More like a study really, lasting years.  But that was a long time ago, long before re-hab (the first time, that is).  Now, I can honestly say that I never came close to the behavior this boy displayed while traveling on that US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the west coast (See earlier AP news story posted here). 

And yes, I’ll admit to some rather bizarre circumstances after a night of partying, but the partying would have included much more than two cookies!  In fact, once after a night of more than a few cookies, I was awakened with slobbering wet kisses all over my face.  Turned out to be the neighbors Lhasa Apso.  Apparently, I had spent the early morning hours passed out in that same neighbors bushes.  Oh, and for some reason I was wearing a white ‘See’s Candies’ uniform dress with the name tag, “Tamara”. 

Back to the Kinman Chan story.  Authorities say he was headed from Philadelphia to San Francisco on a U.S. Airways flight this past Sunday, when he started acting strangely.  According to officials, he was waving and making odd gestures to a flight crew member, and later came out of the bathroom with his shirt un-tucked and his pants down.  This statement is funny to me.  Don’t know why.  I’ve seen this same statement in more than a few news stories.  “shirt un-tucked and his pants down”.  Huh?  Is there a way to keep your shirt tucked in with pants down around your ankles?  And why is it even mentioned that his shirt was un-tucked?. 

Officials say Chan told the FBI he had eaten a double dose of marijuana cookies.  He was reportedly brought under control by a flight attendant with a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  When the crew member tried to get Chan to take a seat, he became aggressive and attempted to hit a female crew member. 

Open in Emergency


Chan obviously underestimated the female crew member, who was able to dodge him, then grab his right arm and lock it behind his back. She then jumped into the seat behind him, restrained him with a “choke hold” and put him in plastic handcuffs. The flight made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh, according to investigators. 

You GO girl!!!  It’s about time a Flight Attendant is recognized for defending the flying public and securing the integrity and safety of air travel.  Who is this mystery person?  She should be recognized, and honored with a plaque or something.  Sure, she’s no Captain Sully, but she’s still a hero.  Well, to everyone but Mr. Chan I supose. ~Martha 

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4 comments for “Flight Attendant Opens Up a Can of ‘Whoop Ass’ With Pants-Off Flyer

  1. AJ
    February 18, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    This is GREAT!!!!! Sorry, but Martha sure resembles an alien from a Jack Nickloson movie–Mars Attacks!

    • Martha
      February 18, 2010 at 6:33 pm

      Hmmmm…. thanks for the comment AJ.
      An alien huh? Oh, I will respond to your comment AJ dear. But first I’ll need to send Chip out for a fresh can of ‘WHOOP ASS’ !

      • Martha
        February 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

        Jane Fonda as BarbarellaLater that same day…. Dearest AJ. I do apologize for my snappy reply. I should never reply on an empty stomach. Over dinner, Chip explained that there may be confusion on your end. He said that perhaps you meant to say I remind you of “Barbarella”, or a young Jane Fonda. So, I would like to thank you for the kind words. And yes, you’re forgiven!
        Truly Martha

  2. beentheirtwice
    October 17, 2010 at 10:40 am

    poor Mr. Chan for the rest of his life at sunday dinner with the family this will be the last thing on everyones mind.what’s it take to get 15 min of fame that everyone remembers,how about something like your pants around your ankles while FA kicks your ass, or is this a fetish dream come true for all the
    chan men, guess what mom I got my ass kicked by a FA while my pants were around my ankles on a flight to philly last week, his mother pretends not to hear him, and they never look each other in the eye again,” six of one half a dozen of the other”

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