Finally, an Air Travel Fee that Makes Good Sense!

Great news for air travelers. At a starting price of $17.50 for a pleasant “airport experience”, AirSpace Lounges are planned at more than 40 airports across the U.S..

photo courtesy of USAToday and AirSpace Lounge

Company promises cheap airport lounge access for all

Would you pay $17.50 for access to an airport lounge the next time you have time to kill in the terminal?

That’s the hope of start-up company AirSpace Lounge, which hopes to add as many as 40 amenity-laden lounges at airports across the United States.

Today, the company will unveil plans for its first AirSpace Lounge, scheduled to open this May at Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

The company says the lounge — scheduled to open in May — will be the first of as many as 40 others that it hopes to open and operate at airports across the United States.

“We’re taking airport lounges and redefining what the airport experience is,” Anthony Tangorra, CEO of AirSpace Lounge, says in an interview with Today in the Sky…….. continued


About AirSpace Lounge (from their website):

Airspace Lounge is re-defining the airport experience. As the stress of the flying experience has increased over the years, fewer places exist for passengers to relax and unwind close to their gate. Many airline clubs have restrictive entry policies, are expensive and their product quality is uneven.

Airspace Lounge is different. We are the first large-scale airport lounge network in the US open to any passenger flying on any airline.

Airspace will be growing rapidly to 30-40 lounges and beyond over the next few years so look for us inside your airport in the near future.