Evil SPIRIT Airlines hikes carry-on bag fee to $100. What will they think of next?

Just when you think they’ve beaten travelers to a pulp with fees, Spirit comes out swinging, hitting penny pinching passengers in the pocket with a $100 fee for you to stuff your own carry-on bag into their overhead bin.

What will the bean counters at the ‘spirited’ discount carrier think of next? We’re afraid to ask, but here are some fees Spirit Airlines has yet to announce.

$50 Log-On Fee

Spirit travelers wishing to book a reservation will need a user name and password (pin number) to log-on to the Spirit Airlines website. A credit card is needed and a pin number will be issued at the time of registration. The charge for this service is $50. You will then be able to check our lowest airfares to your destination.

$10 Airport Departure Information Fee

Spirit flight information will not be available on the general airline departure screens located throughout the terminal. Instead, Spirit travelers are required to use a private booth much like that of an arcade Photo-Booth. Passengers will enter the booth and swipe a credit card for the most current flight information including the departure time and gate info.

$5 Passenger Boarding Fee

In order to board the aircraft a $5 boarding fee is charged to your credit or debit card. The card is swiped during boarding. Boarding Fee increases to $10 per passenger at airport facilities when a jetway is used.

$2-$5 Carry Your Own Beverage or Food Fee

Should a passenger choose to carry their own water or food item on board, a fee of $2 for liquid and $5 for solid ‘waste’ fee will be charged.

$25 Safety Briefing Fee

Safety first at Spirit Airlines. That’s why we charge each passenger a $25 Safety Briefing Fee. Remember, the life you save may be your own. It’s better to have paid for this information and not need it than to need it and not have paid the required fee.

$10 Push Back Fee

With all passengers seated we cannot push back from the gate unless each passenger has paid the $10 Push Back Fee.

$100 Take Off Fee

While we taxi to the runway all passengers will be charged the $100 take off fee.

$10 Flight Attendant Call Button Service Fee

Self explanatory.

$500 Landing Fee

We do hope you enjoy your flight on Spirit Airlines. Please have your credit card available prior to landing. Each passenger is required to pay a $500 landing fee.

$100 Carry-Off Bag Fee

Passengers who paid to carry their bag on the flight are required to pay a ‘Carry-Off’ fee for the same bag. This just makes good business sense. If you can afford to carry the bag on, you can afford to carry it off.

We arrived at your destination safely.

See, you do get what you pay for at Spirit Airlines.

Thank you for flying Spirit, where we really do enjoy taking you for a ride.