Do you have a hotel horror story to share?

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Below is from Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate and travel journalist. Check out his always informative and entertaining travel blog.

Ridiculous or not? The “myth” of the unchanged hotel sheets

Carolyn Golaszewski, a flight attendant for a major airline, wrote to me after the story appeared to say the dirty-sheets problem was widespread.

“Over my career, I’ve stayed in many a room that were not clean,” she told me. “Sometimes our layovers are less than nine hours so there’s no time to mess a room up. It’s still disgusting that I may be sleeping in a bed not made over. So to make sure it’s cleaned correctly I strip the bed I’ve slept in. I know it doesn’t help me but at least the next guest hopefully gets clean sheets.”

And this,“I arrived close to midnight, and after unpacking, getting everything ready, I pulled back the sheet on the bed and there was a brown substance resembling human feces down the middle of the sheet,” he says.…….. read more (if you dare) at

Shared sheets?

Lousy layover?

Hotel horror?


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  1. EagerTraveler
    May 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Happened to me at “The Hotel” in Las Vegas. Reported twice to the front desk and nothing was done. Not even an acknowledgement. Never (meaning NEVER) staying there again.!!

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