No blanket? No problem. In-flight ‘Snuggies’

If you’re flying domestically, you’ll notice that pillows and blankets have all but disappeared from ‘economy’ class cabins on US carriers.  The airline I fly for has eliminated P & B provisioning for nearly all economy cabins on domestic flights. 

Be prepared for fluctuating cabin temperatures, especially when  returning from warmer climates.  You should expect a chilly ride if you’re dumb enough to only wear a tank top, shorts, flip-flops, and a sunburn.  Instead of complaining to me, how about taking some responsibility for being a nincompoop?  Next time, have a few extra layers packed in your carry-on.  Better yet, I recommend packing the “As seen on TV, Snuggie” !  It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to pack.  Once ‘snuggled’ into your seat, remember to “buckle your seat-belt around your outermost garment (or Snuggie), so it’s visible to your flight staff, blah blah, blah…..”.  

With a travel Snuggie, you’re not just comfortably seated and smartly covered for warmth.  The ‘Snuggies’ generous arm-holes and loose sleeves allow total upper extremity freedom.  You will be covered, but your hands are free to fiddle with those electronic devices, stuff your pie hole, or clip your toenails!  And your seat belt stays visible to crew!   I think this is will be big, really big.  You read it hear first.  With a ‘Snuggie’, you’re traveling “Snug as a bug in a rug”, yes you are! 

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Al Roker in a "Snuggie", perfect for travel!


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