Comparing airline up-charges, do you get what you pay for?

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Greasy added fees cover what were once free, so learn what’s worth the bucks

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Once upon a time, the guy who booked his plane ticket early was the lucky chap who laid claim to the window seat in the exit row. But today, first-come, first-served plane seats have gone the way of stewardesses, cabin smoking sections and paper tickets. In the past few years, we’ve rolled our eyes as airline after airline rolled out “perks” like priority boarding and preferred economy seating, taking away any chance that a fortuitous flier could achieve the best possible economy experience at no cost. Special for-fee seating and priority boarding programs are, no matter how you slice it, little more than greasy added fees for services that were once available for free.

That said, these programs are here to stay. So instead of scoffing at the idea that fliers have to pay for something that was once complimentary, let’s move on, accept the status quo and find out how we can use it to our advantage…….. continued

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