A stunning destination

The majestic and untouched country of Bhutan, situated in the Himalayan region between China and India, is a truly idyllic tourist destination. With spectacular natural scenery, breathtaking monasteries and highly enjoyable spiritual festivals, it is little wonder why Bhutan is quickly becoming a popular choice for travellers. For an unforgettable Himalayan experience book a flight, make sure annual travel insurance is up to date and visit Bhutan.

When to go

The climate in Bhutan varies depending on which region you decide to visit. The south of the country that borders India has a tropical climate with temperatures reaching 30°c in the summer and the northern climate is snowy with temperatures ranging from 0°c in the winter to 10°c in the summer. The best time to visit Bhutan’s popular cities of Paro and Thimphu are either during the spring between March and May when the country’s plethora of fauna are in full bloom and the wildlife is thriving or between September and November when the rainfall is at its lowest and the skies are clear.

Spiritual monuments

Tiger s Nest Monastery Bhutan

Throughout this glorious country you will find awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful monuments in remote, isolated locations. A visit to the Taktsang Monastery in Paro is particularly recommended. Situated on a cliff 1200 square-metres above ground level, this wonderful sixteenth-century monastery is one of the most significant Buddhist sites in the world and arguably the most visited place in Bhutan.


Bhutan Thimphu Tashi Cho Dzong Thimphu Tsechu

Being the last Buddhist kingdom in the world, Bhutan hosts some fabulous spiritual festivals, or tshechus, that attract visitors from far and wide. These religious celebrations are held in monasteries and temples across the country at various times of the year. Visit Paro in the spring and enjoy five days of spiritual enlightenment, dancing, feasting and parades. Likewise, the popular Thimphu Tshechu that takes place in the late summer or early autumn is an experience to be remembered.


Bhutan Drukgyal Dzong

With an abundance of wildlife, friendly natives, National Parks that make up 35% of the country and astounding natural scenery that is amongst the most biologically diverse on the planet, Bhutan is a trekkers paradise. Follow the Druk Path from Paro to Thimphu or attempt the Snowman Trek, which is considered to be the hardest trail in the world. From Thimphu to Trongsa, the Snowman Trek takes adventurers through the picturesque and remote mountain village of Lunana and is a trail not to be missed. The Jigme Dorji National Park, which spans over 4,000 square-metres, is another excellent place to trek. With many species of endangered mammals such as tigers, red pandas and snow leopards, this protected sanctuary is a wildlife-lovers utopia.