Benefits of Taking a Cruise

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While it’s always fun to fly in first class, enjoy great food and wait to arrive at your destination, the jet lag certainly sucks. While it’s more traditional that older people prefer going on a cruise ship than flying here and there like a jetsetter, the reality is that cruises are becoming more popular with younger people who wish to fit in more destinations on a single trip. The verage cruise passenger is 55, not 70.

British people get four weeks holiday but usually cannot take them all together because of how much it disrupts their employer that must cover their position while they’re away. Similarly, for Americans going on a cruise, their standard two-weeks annual leave requires them to take shorter cruises and cram as many stops in as possible, so if you’re into online games like those from, expect to be doing those during waiting times and queues. Of course, you do have to take care of your skin a lot, since there is a lot of sun exposure, with apore vacuum you can clear out your skin every week.

Here are some of the benefits of going on a cruise.

Deals on a Cruise

Cruise ship at sunset

There are many spots to fill on a ship. The last thing a cruise line wants is a half-empty ship on their hands because they have many fixed costs to operate the cruise; from the ship staff to the entertainment staff to the catering costs. At a certain point, they need to discount prices to fill up each ship before it embarks.

For people who are able to book close to the departure date, there are certainly cruise deals to be had from the right providers for exampleVision Cruise Deals are a case in point. Look for the best options and be flexible with which cruise you wish to take if you’re wanting the best price. Alternatively, start with a list of cruises that appeal to you (or your partner) and find which ones offer the best discount for last-minute booking.

Talk to the Cruise Lines Directly

Attending a cruiseshow – which runs in London, UK every February and Birmingham, UK every September – puts you face to face with key people from the different cruise lines. There are plenty of exhibitor’s present, so you can walk inside their booths and talk with the knowledgeable staff there. The travel experts that have been on the different cruises or visited different parts of the world before can talk about what it’s like.

For instance, if you’re considering a Latin American-themed cruise, then they will be able to impart key takeaways about each destination, what to see, and the do’s and don’ts. When deciding on an expensive cruise package, this is invaluable and something you cannot do through a travel agent before a flight to another country.

Plentiful Eating Options

With a cruise, you’re not stuck trying out local restaurants, not knowing which ones are best and risking picking up local food poisoning for your trouble. The standards of food hygiene are set well ahead of time and cruise passengers can rely on them which is especially reassuring if you have a sensitive stomach.

There are multiple cruises on offer, but you’re not stuck eating British, European, American or another type of cuisine all the time. There’s plenty of choice. You can stick with the tried and true or take the opportunity to eat a few different regional food dishes to experiment more than you might do back home.

Frequent Excursions

Cruise ship

It’s a misconception that people who go on cruises are stuck on the ship for a week at a time. Cruises are planned to hit multiple ports along a coastline or hop from island to island, to allow passengers plenty of exploration time at each destination. While every measure is taken to make time on the ship a pleasurable one, cruise organisers understand that the main attractions are the multiple destinations along the route and plan the itinerary accordingly.

It does depend on which cruise you go to and the destinations along the route. Some trips naturally stop less often and others more often depending on where is suitable to hit port and whether there are interesting things to do once there.

Freedom to Do Whatever You Want

What many people find freeing on a cruise ship is that they can do what they want. Whereas on a flight, you’re required to stay in your seat for the journey and there are many restrictions on your activities due to the nature of air travel and size restrictions. That’s not the case with a cruise ship.

The ships are so expansive that you need the maps onboard just to find your way around. There are so many different levels and new places to explore that you can get a daily workout just walking around and finding where everything is. There are plenty of opportunities to decide your agenda for the day – whether you’re feeling active or just want to laze in a chair reading a good book on your Kindle e-reader with the sea breeze in your hair while is growing out with a hair mask of castor oil for hair growth, it’s all good, another good idea is cut you hair on hairdressers Cairns when your hair is damaged for the sun or other factor.

Cruise and Stay

Cruise ships in Caribbean

There are “cruise and stay” packages that allow people on a cruise to plan longer stays on shore at certain destinations to see more of what’s interesting there. They are growing in popularity, particularly for people who are used to being in each place a decent amount of time and would prefer to travel slowly and hit pause at each destination. You must hunt out these packages from the cruise operators as not all of them offer the same stay duration or cruise options.

Internet Access

While it’s fair to say that Wi-Fi access on planes is more easily accessible than on a ship, cruise lines are making a special effort in this area. Usually passengers are charged for internet access packages in a block of minutes. In fairness, one of the benefits of going on a cruise is to get away from it all. If you’re going to be tied to the internet and hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot every time you hit port, then you probably should take a trip another time. However, for people who just wish to check their email and look up the odd web page to keep updated on important events, major cruise lines now offer this service. Local cafes when hitting port will have internet access while you sip your coffee anyway, so you’ll be able to connect every day or two even if the Wi-Fi hotspot is slower on the ship that day.

Entertainment Options

Cruise ship in Canary Islands Spain

There are so many entertainment options on cruises that the problem is choosing what to do every day onboard. From the educational to the fun to the recorded media; you’ll find every kind of entertainment choice for passengers that don’t need much alone time. Authors, educators, actors, and musicians are all there to add something new to the proceedings; there’s a little something for everyone onboard. Make sure you check out reviews and blogs to see what different options have on offer.

Going on a cruise is great to get away from modern day hassles and put your feet up. However, you will certainly get plenty of exercise walking between levels and trying out different experiences, restaurants, swimming pools, and viewing points. Also, there’s no shortage of different interesting people to meet and talk to. There are also some available casino hotel where you can play and enjoy to ease the boredome.

You’ll get to see a series of destinations that wouldn’t be suitable to visit by flying to each one in turn. That would be too exhausting to do that anyway. As such, a well-chosen cruise can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for yourself and your partner. They’re also very family friendly, so if you wish to bring your kids along, that’s an option as well; however, some families opt to leave the keys are a day care like the one at, for a few days.