An evening in Omaha with Martha and Chip

What a day this has been!  Worked the first leg, an early morning departure from San Francisco to Chicago.  Once off the plane, I decided to grab a bite, and enjoy some peace and quiet (along with a cup of Starbucks) before the Omaha flight.   

Then it was off to the races!  Well not really.  It was only a short walk to gate C-27 for the Omaha departure.  Okay, it wasn’t a walk at all since I was already at the gate.  Got carried away.  Hmmm, maybe I should have had the decaf at dinner.  

Anyway, since Chip is my ‘significant other’, he enjoys the same travel perks offered to all airline employees.  The ‘Chipster’ also enjoys a great steak dinner! So, we decided he’d hop on a plane,  joining me on this Omaha layover.  In a conversation earlier today, Chip told me to expect a “surprise” when I met up with him at the Omaha Hilton.  And boy, was I ever!  Surprised I mean.  The boy had shaved his head bald!  All I can say is, the hair cannot grow back soon enough for me!  Of course I’m going along with it, but I cannot help but think of a Caesar salad every time I look at him.  Not because he looks like Caesar, but because he looks exactly like a wooden pepper grinder mill.  “Cracked pepper on your salad Ma’am?”  

Once settle into our hotel, we were both hungry and looking forward to a night out on the town.  Our special evening began with a carriage ride through the “Old Market” section of the city, and enjoying a delicious dinner at Spencer’s Steaks & Chops.  After dinner, we strolled back to the hotel in time for Chip to watch his favorite WWF wrestling program, before calling it a night.  

A bald Chip dressed for dinner


Dinner at 'Spencer's Steaks & Chops'


Chip at the Qwest Arena


Getting his WWF fix before bed


Chip sawing his log..... Z-z-z-z-z-z