Always Wear Shoes When Standing in Pee

Newsflash…..  airplane bathrooms are disgusting.  Would you wear only your socks when “dropping the kids off at the pool“, let’s say in a public bathroom at Grand Central Station?  I don’t think so.  Why on earth do flyer’s think it’s okay to wear only socks, or naked feet, when using airplane lavatories?   That’s disgusting.  Nuff said.

Turbulence happens!

(Oh, it’s been brought to my attention that some readers are not familiar with the term “dropping the kids off at the pool”.  Means the same as, “pinching off a loaf”, “poppin a squat’, “dropping off a piping hot loaf”, “bringing the Browns to the Superbowl”, and “poop’n a dookie”.  Yep, like that.  Sorry for the confusion.)

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