Alternative Sport Spots on Phuket, Thailand

If the beach life is starting to make you a little pudgy around the middle (all those poolside drinks and snacks can take their toll), you’re in luck — there are quite a few spots on Phuket that offer alternative ways to get your exercise, and none of them involve a Ping Pong Show. Take a look at some we’ve discovered.

Zorbing at Rollerball

Zorbing Thailand

If you’ve ever harboured a hamster wheel fantasy, then this sport may be for you. Rollerball offers an attraction called Zorbing — a giant plastic ball that you can climb into, and then navigate through a downhill course. And while rolling down a hill may not sound like hard work, you’d be surprised at just how much of a sweat you can work up. Bring a buddy because these balls are built for two.

Surf House

Double FlowRider

If the potential of riding the real waves seems a little daunting, or if you’re an experienced surfer and the real waves just aren’t cooperating, you might want to check out Surf House. Similar to those surfing pools you can sometimes find on cruise ships (pictured above.) With a customized wave machine called the Double FlowRider, Surf House customers can expect to experience a perfectly consistent wave during each run. It has a lot of similarities with wake boarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding too, so if you want to try any of those in a unique environment, then this sport is for you.

Xtrem Adventures

Part zip-lining, part obstacle course, part rock climbing, Xtrem Adventures is a workout like no other — with ropes! The TripAdvisor reviews for this place are off the charts, and it’s suitable for kids too, so bring them along and get your own workout in with having to get a babysitter. If you want more adrenaline-pumping experience like this, you can either play games or bet on your stars on sites such as togel online.

Football Crazy Golf

If you’re lucky enough to stay at a place like the Centara Karon Hotel, they’ll have a tennis court so you can get some exercise through traditional sports (Centara even has snooker too!) But if you’re not, you can combine two other sports into one — football and golf. Played like a traditional game of golf, but with a football, you kick the ball around the course instead of putt it, with the aim of getting it in the hole with the least amount of tries. It’s called Football Crazy Golf, and it has a full 18 holes, and it’s the most fun you’ll probably ever have on a “golf” course.