A Survival Guide for Flying ‘Village class’

Tips for Surviving 10 Hours in Coach

By Michael Martin- TheStreet.com

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (MainStreet) — With the holiday season comes some of the year’s busiest travel days, and passengers face sold-out flights, scaled-back services and inevitable delays that compound an already taxing airline experience. For those who usually fly business class through their work or preferential airline status, busier flights mean less likely chances of upgrades even for those with all the frequent-flier miles and status in the world.

For those facing the prospect of a transcontinental flight in coach, here’s a game plan to make the most of the experience even if you happen to be seated at the very back of the plane.

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Book your seat ASAP
Always confirm your seat at the time of ticket purchase — before you even hang up the phone or leave the Web page — for the best possible seats. Be sure to note the specifics of your flight, specifically what type of aircraft is used for the service (usually listed on the actual reservation page). This information is a must for using Web sites such as Seatguru, which can help you find the best seats in any class as well as avoid seats that might be too close to the bathroom, offer the least amount of legroom or perhaps don’t recline due to their proximity to exits.

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